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Managed BIA

Africa Hosting ADSL Combo is a combination of an ADSL Voice Line with business internet access also known as Managed Business Internet Access. This combination enables you to have both the voice telephony lines with superb internet connectivity injected on your line. There is no waiting in line with this plan. You have your internet, you have your voice incoming and outgoing calls all in the box.

Un-Managed BIA

Un-managed Business Internet Access is for customers who already has an ADSL Voice telephone line but want a super fast internet service added to the phone line. As easy as 123, Africa Hosting will get your internet setup without hassles.

Why Africa Hosting?

  • Our strongest point is that no customer gets denied internet access due to excessive vetting or credit checks. We handle your application through an easy process and get your service activated in no distance time.
  • Depending your preferred ADSL plan, from 2Mbps to 10Mbps speed of internet connection, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted telecommunication service. Enabling your business to stay on point.
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