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LTE-Advanced - Wireless Internet Connectivity

LTE-Advance is the latest wireless based internet connection technology by Rain. Unlike ADSL or Fibre, there’s no real installation required to get you up and running. We ship everything to your door, you pop in your new SIM card and that’s all.


Enjoy super fast, jet-like internet connection. LTE-A as commonly called offers faster connectivity speed and this makes it suitable for use at home or at the workplace.. You do not need any contract to bind your freedom. You choose which Data package suitable to your monthly consumption needs.


Your mobile wifi router is all you need. Once your service is activated, you can actually get around with it. Connect multiple devices on the go from smart phones, desktops to smart tv sets. You have the freedom of upgrading or downgrading your monthly package as you pleases, and according to your data consumption needs.

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Service Subscription Price/M
LTE-A 25GB R419.00 Get This
LTE-A 55GB R749.00 Get This
LTE-A 85GB R1079.00 Get This
LTE-A 120GB R1349.00 Get This
LTE-A 220GB R1829.00 Get This
LTE-A 330GB R2159.00 Get This
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