dsl data only plan

DSL Internet Data Solutions

Africa Hosting Company provides capped dsl data-only service to customers who already has ADSL telephone Lines but have no internet. Our Business Internet Access plan will inject internet power into your  already existing telephone line at the most affordable rate.

Managed DATA will enable you enjoy internet access that is capped within your chosen limit. You simply choose your suitable budget plan and we get your line enabled for internet access.

Enjoy Absolute Internet Freedom!

Internet usage this day and age is a priority and a a necessity at the same time.  Just like water, we cannot do without a free flowing internet in our homes and or workplaces. And to enjoy this service, one needed not to over spend. Hence, all you need is Africa Hosting Company’s capped dsl package that put the power in your hands without any hidden cost. Simply pay for what you used in the month.

How to Reap your Free Flowing Data!

Simply sign-up to Africa Hosting Company’s service today for free and we will help you determine what data package suitable for you, either for your home or for your business/workplace. We will analyse your needs and ensure you do not speed above budget.

capped dsl

DATA Plans

DSL Service Monthly Subscription Period
100GB DSL Data R158.00 12 Months Get This
200GB DSL Data R299.00 12 Months Get This
300GB DSL Data R462.00 12 Months Get This
400GB DSL Data R597.00 12 Months Get This
600GB DSL Data R897.00 12 Months Get This
800GB DSL Data R1197.00 12 Months Get This
1000GB DSL Data R1482.00 12 Months Get This
1200GB DSL Data R1752.00 12 Months Get This
1600GB DSL Data R2352.00 12 Months Get This
2000GB DSL Data R2832.00 12 Months Get This