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Diginet is a Telkom’s special data service dedicated to synchronous data transfer service providing round the clock, high quality of service over digital transmission network.
*Diginet basic offers data speed of between 1200 Bit/s upto 64 Kbit/s
*Diginet Plus offers speeds ranging between 128Kbit/s upto 1984Kbit/s

Standard Features of Diginet?

  • A maximum constant data transmission speed of 1984Kbps
  • A Multiplexer-based network allows delivering service at short notice within the larger centres
  • A super-dependable system due to constant network monitoring
  • Includes monitor of the Network Terminating Units (NTUs) on your premises

Special Benefits of Diginet?

*Increased cost savings through a fixed monthly rental
*Cost efficiency with a predictable monthly spend
*Added value with a Point-to-Multipoint service (CE1) to save floor space and CPE
*Business convenience with the guarantee of reliable service.
*Reliability of a constantly monitored network
*International Private Leased (IPL) Services with foreign network and technology compatibility allow you to do business
*Increased productivity with clear, high-speed connectivity

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SERVICE N0s of Channels Setup Monthly Period CHOOSE A PLAN
Diginet 256k 15 R2960.00 R3960.00 12 or 24 Months Get This!
Diginet 512k 30 R2960.00 R4399.00 12 or 24 Months Get This!
Diginet 1 Mbps 60 R2960.00 R6499.00 12 or 24 Months Get This!
Diginet 1.5 Mbps 90 R2960.00 R7499.00 12 or 24 Months Get This!
Diginet 2 Mbps 120 R2960.00 R8499.00 12 or 24 Months Get This!