Disadvantages Of Using a Free Website

Free website is referred to as a non-paid hosting service. This website usually provides a sub-domain or a directory, instead of using a company’s existing name. They come with certain restrictions in terms of usage, space and customization of content. Today, customers base their judgments by conducting in-depth research online, before buying any item. Free websites often raise doubts vis-à-vis authenticity of the company. Customers are more likely to engage in transactions with companies, which are secure, and opt for a paid service website. Therefore, following are 7 Disadvantages Of Using a Free Website:

  • You will not get your own domain

One of the imperative reasons for not creating a free website is that you do not get your own domain name. The option of nomenclature lies with the web-hosting company. The website may end up with a name, which is not synchronous with the nature of business.

  • Inefficient search engine optimization

A free website builder makes it hard to rank your website on search engines. This consequently leads to loss in traffic and revenue for the company.

  • Minimum flexibility

With a free website, you are under the control of the host. This renders it difficult to make any changes or update content on your website. You are bound by the restrictions of the hosting website.

  • Influx of unnecessary advertisement

The website offering a free pathway to promote your business will need something in return. This usually takes the form of third party pop-ups, banners, and advertisements outside your control, which will be posted on your site.

  • Lack of professionalism

A professional company owned website would attract more customers, as it looks legitimate. Free website lacks a sound basis, which will lead to reduction in potential customers.

  • Low bandwidth

Free website services have low bandwidth and less data transfer capacity. Therefore, this leads to loss in downtime. Lack of space, due to web-hosting restrictions, disallows uploading of images and sounds.

  • Poor customer support

You are not likely to get any support from the web-hosting company, in case your website crashes, encounter technical glitches or is subjected to hacking.

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