Voice Services - Business Call Lite

LTE Solutions Overview

BusinessCall Lite is a voice solution ideally suited for small enterprises to reduce their monthly telecommunication costs. BusinessCall offers a low cost, high quality IP based voice telephony service that enables you to make and receive calls, to and from customers, partners and suppliers on their landlines or mobile phones, locally, nationally or internationally. The solution integrates seamlessly with traditional, SIP enabled, Hosted and Virtual PBX’s.


Features and Benefits

Get to all networks

Routing of all call types.

Save on calls

Highly competitive call rates.

No hidden costs

Pure per second billing from the 1st second.

No benchmarking

No minimum call charges on any call type.

Port your exisiting numbers

Supports Geographic Number Porting.

No service interruption

Rapid deployment using LTE connectivity.

Multichannel package

Suitable for up to 4 channels.

Enjoy TMS

Free Telephone Management System (TMS).

Dedicated support

24/7 Network Operations Centre & Helpdesk.

Get your LTE Lines today!

Never loose grip on any business opportunity.
Never miss a business call.