Go global with shared web hosting

Go global with shared web hosting

Research has shown that small size, medium size businesses who has their own websites are more trustworthy than those who rely solely on social media. Operate locally, think nationally and spread globally. This is what you can achieve with Africa Hosting’s shared web hosting plans. This is where you have the opportunity to showcase your goods and services with authority as a seller or service provider.

Once you have got this sorted out, then you have the advantage of marketing your website which is your bread basket on the internet using social media and other available marketing channels. Now, what this does is that, you are now taken more seriously by your potential costumers who must have stumbled upon you on search engines and social media. When costumers are redirected to your website, they feel more secure to do business with you as your website has the deepest root of your self and your business.

cheap shared web hosting plans for everyoneNow, how do you have this website thing set up? After all, the monthly fees these days are neck breaker for startups and even existing businesses. This is where Africa Hosting’s web hosting plans comes in, to play a rescue role. How? simple! Because we provide affordable and professional web hosting services for everyone. Our dream is to ensure all people on this planet have access to affordable and green web hosting. Most importantly through out the African continent, more and more people should have their businesses online in other to have direct access to global market and clientele.

“Ain’t this easier said than done?” the answer is “NO.” At Africa Hosting, you will be assisted in setting up your web hosting account from the very minute you contact us. Africa Hosting experts will help you determine hosting plans most suitable for your business and budget. After your hosting account has being created and your domain is live, we will provide you with 24/7 support free of charge forever. Covering every web hosting related technical issues. Signup today and begin your web hosting conversation with us. Get expert advise to help you make the right decision on your web hosting plan.

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